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Some of the Learning Materials Content Highlights: At the end of Grade 8, learners can describe the factors that affect the motion of an object based on the Laws of Motion. They can differentiate the concept of work as used in science and in layman’s language. They know the factors that affect the transfer of energy, such as temperature difference, and the type (solid, liquid, or gas) of the medium. Learners can explain how active faults generate earthquakes and how tropical cyclones originate from warm ocean waters. They recognize other members of the solar system. Learners can explain the behaviour of matter in terms of the particles it is made of. They recognize that ingredients in food and medical products are made up of these particles and are absorbed by the body in the form of ions. Learners recognize reproduction as a process of cell division resulting in growth of organisms. They have delved deeper into the process of digestion as studied in the lower grades, giving emphasis on proper nutrition for overall wellness. They can participate in activities that protect and conserve economically important species used for food.

Using models, learners learn that matter is made up of particles, the smallest of which is the atom. These particles are too small to be seen through a microscope. The properties of materials that they have observed in earlier grades can now be explained by the type of particles involved and the attraction between these particles.

In Grade 8, learners gain knowledge of how the body breaks down food into forms that can be absorbed through the digestive system and transported to cells. Learners learn that gases are exchanged through the respiratory system. This provides the oxygen needed by cells to release the energy stored in food. They also learn that dissolved wastes are removed through the urinary system while solid wastes are eliminated through the excretory system.

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Grade 8 Learners Materials / Learning Materials

ARALING PANLIPUNAN 8 Learners Materials / Learning Materials

                Heograpiya at Mga Sinaunang Kabihasnan sa Daigdig

Paglakas ng Europa

ENGLISH 8 Learners Materials / Learning Materials

Grammar Awareness


Oral Language and Fluency

ESP 8 Learners Materials / Learning Materials

Mga Pagpapahalaga at Birtud sa Pakikipagkapwa

FILIPINO 8 Learners Materials / Learning Materials

Estratehiya sa Pag-aaral

Pag-unawa sa Napakinggan


MAPEH 8 Learners Materials / Learning Materials

MATHEMATICS 8 Learners Materials / Learning Materials


SCIENCE 8 Learners Materials / Learning Materials


TLE 8 Learners Materials / Learning Materials

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