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Some of the Learning Materials Content Highlights:  At the end of Grade 9, learners have gained a a deeper understanding of the digestive, respiratory, and circulatory systems to promote overall health. They have become familiar with some technologies that introduce desired traits in economically important plants and animals. Learners can explain how new materials are formed when atoms are rearranged. They recognize that a wide variety of useful compounds may arise from such rearrangements. Learners can identify volcanoes and distinguish between active and inactive ones. They can explain how energy from volcanoes may be tapped for human use. They are familiar with climatic phenomena that occur on a global scale. They can explain why certain constellations can be seen only at certain times of the year. Learners can predict the outcomes of interactions among objects in real life applying the laws of conservation of energy and momentum.

Using their understanding of atomic structure learned in Grade 8, learners describe how atoms can form units called molecules. They also learn about ions. Further, they explain how atoms form bonds (ionic and covalent) with other atoms by the transfer or sharing of electrons. They also learn that the forces holding metals together are caused by the attraction between flowing electrons and the positively charged metal ions. Learners explain how covalent bonding in carbon forms a wide variety of carbon compounds. Recognizing that matter consists of an extremely large number of very small particles, counting these particles is not practical. So, learners are introduced to the unit—mole.

Learners explain how new compounds are formed in terms of the rearrangement of particles. They also recognize that a wide variety of useful compounds may arise from such rearrangements.

Learners study the coordinated functions of the digestive, respiratory, and circulatory systems. They also learn that nutrients enter the bloodstream and combine with oxygen taken in through the respiratory system. Together, they are transported to the cells where oxygen is used to release the stored energy.

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Grade 9 Learners Materials / Learning Materials

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Paikot na Daloy ng Ekonomiya

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Oral Language and Fluency

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Noli Me Tangere sa Puso ng mga Asyano

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Earth and Space

TLE 9 Learners Materials / Learning Materials

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